We love hearing from our insured’s on how we are doing! Thank you for the comments we appreciate your feedback!

Amanda Frokjer at SF Insurance Group came highly recommended to us. Our insurance picture was quite complicated with 11 policies that needed to be reviewed and rewritten. We were delighted with the cash savings and consolidation of accounts and pleased to have a new agent who worked timelessly through the process, always available to answer our questions by email, phone, and text too.
B Fritzinger and M Andrews

Just a brief note to let you know how appreciative both Steve and myself are for the assistance provided by Jamie Aune in working with our supplemental medicare programs.  She is professional and puts forth 100% effort in finding the best “deals” for us, especially me. She is dedicated to helping us as individuals and we would be lost without her help.  Kudos to a great employee!

M Wojan

I highly recommend Central Insurance and Pam Stratmoen as an insurance agent. AS both an employee and now a recent retiree from the Frederic School District, she has proven to go above and beyond in her personalized service.
J Wells

I consider myself extremely lucky to have had Pam Stratmoen in my corner this past year. Pam is extremely knowledgeable, timely, and professional. she always made me feel like any questions I asked was an important one and she was very willing to help me with it.
K Fisher

Pam and her team have made insurance simple for us. From guaranteeing the best rates through extensive rate comparison, to answering any and every question we have in a quick timeframe. We have received exceptional service throughout our years of working with Central Insurance.
S Whittaker

Over the last several months, I have contacted Pam Stratmoen many times about insurance questions that have arisen with retirement soon approaching for myself. Pam has done an excellent job answering questions and if she didn’t know the answer she took the extra time to consult with the appropriate person so she was able to guide me int he right direction.
D. Kendzior

When we changed insurance agencies a few years ago, we really had no idea of what might be happening during the ensuing years.  I actually shudder to think of how our former agent would have handled even the simplest of claims or problems.  Their first response was always to just give me someone else’s phone number.  Hudson Insurance Agecny provides a level of personalized service that goes far beyond anything we have experienced in the past.  I will always hope that we don’t really need your services, but it is really comforting to know how competent and reliable you are.
Paul G

For almost 10 years now, we have gotten fabulous service from not only Hudson Insurance Agency, but from West Bend Mutual as our primary insurer.  I can honestly say that on the few occasions that I have had to file claims, they (West Bend) handled the situation extremely quickly, very professionally and in my opinion extremely fair.  My profession deals daily within the claims handling process so although I am not an expert, I can also say that I have a better than average opportunity to compare carriers, claim handling and service follow-up and hands down, Hudson Insurance Agency and West Bend far exceed expectations. I more than satisfied personally with how this agency handles my book of business, but I would be thrilled at any time to reference/ highly recommend (as I have done) your agency and West Bend to any client that is looking at building a relationship with Hudson Insurance Agency.
Dennis K.

I called for my claim and Hudson Insurance Agency was out the next day.  Through the whole claims process they made sure I was dealt with on time and with face to face interaction (not four states away and over the phone).  The whole process was dealt with accurately, in a timely matter, and always had my best interests in mind. Any disaster to your property can be hard and trying, Hudson Insurance Agency gave me peace of mind that my property would be taken care of as soon as possible. Thanks!
Eric D

I would recommend Hudson Insurance Agency to anyone looking for or needing any type of insurance coverage.  Hudson Insurance Agency always has the client in mind and makes every attempt to get the right insurance for the right need/coverage while being cost effective.  We have been a customer with Hudson Insurance Agency for over 15 years and have never regretted our choice.  Hudson Insurance Agency has always helped us every step of the way with coverage of auto, homeowners, watercraft and of course accidents.  The staff always delivers detailed and concise customer service. They are a great bunch to work with.

Hudson Insurance Agency has not only provided my family with outstanding personalized coverage for all of our insurance needs since April 2007 to current, but have gone above and beyond with their exemplary service and provided a security and peace of mind like none other.  The support and care I have received while managing my insurance needs has far surpassed expectations, especially while dealing with a personal life changing situation, and the continued service to assist with any inquiries/requests has been truly amazing.  The staff offer direction whenever possible to best suit my needs and I would not consider going anywhere else.  I am more than completely satisfied and would highly recommend Hudson Insurance Agency to anyone seeking quality products and services.
Wendy G.

We have long valued the small business that focuses on customer satisfaction and assistance. Hudson Insurance Agency is that and so much more! From the moment we sat down, our agent and the amazing staff asked all of the right questions to get us specifically the service we wanted and needed. With everything they did for us, we saved over $1000 from our previous coverage. Additionally, with one of us faculty member in higher education and both of us community volunteers, they found us discounts tailored for our family that were actually connected to those important things in our lives.  Every year, they diligently watch over all of our coverage to make sure that we are getting the coverage and service so important to our safety and security. They check everything to make sure we are getting the very best for our lives and loved ones and they check with our carrier to make sure that everything is in perfect order. Thank you Hudson Insurance Agency for all of your hard work and dedication to the large things and the little things like just notarizing a document now and then. We cannot imagine being anywhere else!!
Tim and Sally H.

Hudson insurance went above and beyond to help us.  I was told the finance guy got all the insurance information he needed on Friday so it should be smooth sailing when we arrived in Madison Saturday but, turns out this wasn’t true and he wouldn’t accept the ID card since only my name is printed on it.  So after full panic mode set in I got a hold of them and they logged in on a Saturday and emailed the dealership the dec page which showed both named insured’s and our terribly long commute was worth it again and we left with a new truck.  Talk about awesome customer service!
Nadine S.

I have been with Central Insurance for more than fifteen years and. because of the exceptional service they provide, will continue to be a customer for many more.My insurance agent is Tiffany Whittier, who works tirelessly  with different insurance companies to ensure I always have best prices. Nine years ago I had a catastrophic claim when my house burned down. The insurance company I was with at the time made things extremely difficult, but Central Insurance acted as my advocate at every turn. When said insurance company dropped me after this large claim and no other company would insure my new home, Central Insurance put itself on the line and fought for me.The hard work that Central Insurance put in really paid off considering this past year, during a wind storm, a number of shingles came off my roof. I called Tiffany and with in an hour my new insurance provider contacted me, came out to the house and I had a check for a new roof that same day. Furthermore, Central Insurance provides other services rather than just home and auto, I have personally recommended many of my clients to Chris McKenzie for business insurance. In a business that is often characterized by cutting corners, red tape, and the bottom line, Central insurance goes above and beyond to make sure its clients get personalized coverage, a strong advocate, and all for the right price.
Rosanne A.

WE LOVE SF Insurance Group! Especially Pam, Sarah & Jen! They take care of ALL of our insurances from home, personal, business, and auto. We never shop around for different insurance or a “better” price as the customer service and care is UNBEATABLE! They excel at what they do and it’s great to have such wonderful people to work with. We love that we can support another local business! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO!

Katie Appel

Prompt, courteous, professional service.  Knowledgeable staff took the guesswork out of my insurance questions.  A sincere thank you on making the task of changing insurance extremely simple.

Personal Insurance Customer

I just wanted to say thank you to all the staff at SF Insurance Group, Hudson WI. I have had multiple claims recently because of two large storms ) including a tornado within 9 days of each other during August of 2019. I had damage to multiple buildings that were insured by two different insurance companies. SF Insurance was the agent that had insured my property and they were instrumental in helping me deal with my multiple claims and multiple insurance contracts.

My agent Al Duchnowski was tremendously helpful throughout the process. Besides working out any issues I had with the multiple claims, Al  was a great resource for helping me with finding qualified contractors to aid in the reconstruction process. 

I have been using the Hudson office of SF Insurance (formerly Hudson Insurance) for over 10 years for both my personal and business insurance needs. They have always come through with the most competitive products for me and their service after the sale has always been excellent. I highly recommend the Hudson WI branch of SF Insurance Group for both their excellent pricing and service.

Mark Sternad

As a human resource coordinator, I was introduced to Sean Fitzgerald in 2006 when we were exploring alternative ways to reduce the cost of employee benefits without sacrificing coverage.  Sean helped us find comparable health insurance with a different carrier and as a result we saved a significant amount of money in just the first year and those savings have continued to build since then. A few years later, Sean was instrumental in helping us make the move to a high deductible health plan (HDHP) and implementing Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) creating more savings.  Sean and his staff worked with us in educating our employees on how HSA’s work. The financial savings of the HSA were well worth the change and have great potential to be a win/win as an employer and employee once educated on how the HSA works.  Over the years we have also moved dental, life, and disability plans as well as property and casualty coverage to more affordable insurance carriers with Sean’s help. We have formed an excellent working relationship with Sean and continue to seek out his guidance in tweaking our benefits and associated costs within ever tightening budget constraints. If you are considering looking for an insurance broker who is local and available to meet face to face as needed, you would be well served by Sean and his staff at SF Insurance.
Human Resource Coordinator

Christy and I wanted you to know we appreciate the patience and professionalism through this process. We have learned a great deal and hope to not go through it again. We still have a ways to go with some other adjusters on the claim, but at this point, we are quite pleased with the work of our agent Al Duchnowski, West Bend and Matt from West Bend’s Claim Dept. As you can see, we have included our agent in this email and hope it gets forwarded to the appropriate people recognizing both your fine work.


Patrick and Christy Leopold

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